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Please read with Pay attention to this section that contains the LEGAL NOTICE AND THE CONDITIONS OF USE that regulate the access, navigation and use of the website of EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL, located at the URL henceforth, the "Website" He access, browsing and use of this website implies the express and unreserved acceptance of all the terms of this Notice Legal, having the same validity and effectiveness as any contract entered into in writing and signed. Its observance and compliance will be enforceable with respect to anyone who accesses, browses or uses the "Website". Yes You do not agree with the exposed terms, do not access, browse or use the "Website".



The This DATA PROTECTION POLICY is an integral part of the Legal Notice of the Web. In compliance with the provisions in REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 regarding the protection of natural persons in what Regarding the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Regulation of Data Protection), EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL provides the following information regarding:




EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL with CIF: B19309905 and with address for these purposes in: Camino Valderribas, 93C, 1ºA, 28038 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain - E. Mail of the


Provision of services requested by the Client and power seguir keeping he servicio via Written / E-Mail / Web. - Management of accounting and tax clients and administrative. Transaction of Goods and Services.


Data provided voluntarily by the interested party.


They will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation, or at your request, or is necessary for the correct development of the service we provide - Tax Administration - Entities insurers.


The data has been provided by the interested party / Legal representative


While I know keep up the relation existing and/o the years necessary for comply with legal obligations.


The general and necessary for the maintenance of the provision of the service.

Identification: Name and surname; Address; Telephone / Fax / E.MAIL; Financial and Insurance


Have: Right of access - Right of rectification - Right of portability - Right to limitation of processing - Right to erasure - Right to object - Right to revoke the consent given - Right to file a claim against to the control authority (in Spain the AEPD)

** To do this you must go by postal mail, Accompanying a legible photocopy of your NIF / NIE / CIF, to the address of the Responsible for the Treatment. / or / to the responsible E.Mail:


1. Personal information provided by you through this"Website" of owned by EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL, will be incorporated into the treatments of EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL. The purpose of these files is the management of the users of"Website", the management of the services offered to through said site and, where appropriate, the management, development and compliance of the relationship established between EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL and those who provide their data personal through"Website".

Likewise, EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL will process the data to manage the inquiries and requests received through the "Website" by of its users, both registered users and non-registered users. registered, and send advertising and information by different media, about their activities, contests, products and services, as well as documentation of various kinds and by different means of information.


2.Likewise, we inform you and by accepting this Privacy Policy, you consent that your personal data may be communicated to third parties for the purpose of that they can carry out, by different means, including mail electronic, sending information, about products and services related to our activity.


3. You warrant that The information provided is true, accurate, complete and updated, being responsible for any damage or loss, direct or indirect, that may be caused as a result of the breach of such obligation. If that the data provided belonged to a third party, you guarantee that you have informed said third party of the aspects contained in this document and obtained your authorization to provide your data to EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL to the stated purposes.


4. When the data personal data are collected through the form, it will be necessary for you to contribute, at least, those marked with an asterisk, since, if not provide these data considered necessary, EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL will not You can accept and manage the Web service or query made.


5. To guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data, EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL has adopted the required security levels of protection of personal data and has installed the technical means at your fingertips to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal data provided to through the"Website".


6. To exercise the rights that assist you, you must address in writing or mail email to EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL, at the address indicated in the section I): DATA OF THE RESPONSIBLE AND ADDRESS FOR THE PURPOSES OF EXERCISING YOUR RIGHTS.


7. In accordance with what established in Law 34/2002 of July 11, on Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce, and only in the event that you do not wish to receive future electronic communications from the EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL, may manifest such I wish by sending an email, with acknowledgment of receipt, to the following email address:




ELCOMPARADOR-B2B is a B2B ONLINE COMPARATOR that offers travel agencies different types of tourism products (such as hotels, flights, transfers, etc.)

1. Scope of service

1.1.  These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time and apply to all our services that are provided indirectly (i.e. through third parties)

1.2.  When using our website, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions, including the conditions of our suppliers.

2. Services and contract

2.1. The Users have the possibility to book the selected hotel, flights, transfers or tours through a direct connection to our site web;   we guarantee the indirect connection to all our providers, which we are legally connected via XML.

3.Community and member area of ​​EL COMPARADOR

3.1. For to be able to use our website and work in THE COMPARATOR-B2B, the users must create an account.

3.2. For create the account, users are asked to provide information personal.   Despite the users name, none are visible personal information.   By deleting the account, each and every data of the User will be permanently deleted.

3.3. A User cannot register many times.   User is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your personal information.

3.4.  user is responsible for the confidentiality of the information in your account user, in particular their password.  They are also responsible for the use of your account with respect to THE COMPARATOR-B2B.   The user must not disclose these data for use by third parties.

3.5.  In case of unauthorized use of the services THE COMPARATOR-B2B that use a name incorrect username and password, the registered user must notify EL COMPARATOR-B2B immediately.

4. Privacy, Email Ads

4.1.  The protection of the personal data provided by the user is maximum priority for THE COMPARATOR-B2B.   As such, THE COMPARATOR-B2B does everything possible to ensure compliance with data protection.

4.2 COMPARADOR-B2B collects, processes and uses your personal data (as below, " data ") only if we have obtained your consent or if a legal provision allows the collection, processing or use of your data.

5.Obligations of the user

5.1.  Yes there are a violation of the terms and conditions, THE COMPARATOR-B2B reserves the right to remove content without statement of reason, withhold payments obtained in the EL COMPARADOR-B2B community and permanently prohibit members of

COMPARATOR-B2B.The right to prosecution for criminal acts is not seen affected.

6. Termination

6.1.  COMPARADOR-B2B reserves the right to cancel the access of a user and delete your registration within a period of one week after receiving the relevant information by email about misuse of the site web.   The user can also terminate their own access and registration within from the same period.

The right to immediate termination for good cause is not affected.

7. website accuracy

7.1 ELCOMPARADOR-B2B is not responsible for technical failures whose cause is not is within the scope of responsibility of ELCOMPARADOR-B2B or for damages caused ​ ​ by force majeure.   ELCOMPARADOR-B2B does not guarantee the 24/7 data availability and can perform maintenance technician for a freely chosen period of time.   We strive for ensuring that the details of all products, including prices, shown on our website are accurate.   However, given the high volume of flights, hotels and other products offered, it is inevitable that, In exceptional cases, errors arise.   We cannot accept responsibility for these errors.   This is because the information shown to you is effectively broadcasts live from the provider's IT system corresponding trips.

However above, in cases where details other than price are materially incorrect, we will offer you the option to continue with your reservation or cancel with a full refund of the money paid on that reservation only.   When inaccuracies are related to understatement of the price of a specific product, you will be offered a full refund of the money paid only on that reservation or the opportunity to hold that reservation at receive the additional payment that is necessary.

8. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

THE COMPARATOR-B2B You can modify these Legal Notes, at any time, by publishing of a notice visible on this site at least thirty (30) days before any modification becomes effective.Your continued use of this site, after the publication of the noticeable notice of any modification, will consider the acceptance of the modified Legal Notes.

9. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction The laws of Spain apply.For people of businesses or individuals that do not have general jurisdiction in Spain, GUADALAJARA applies as the place of jurisdiction. Otherwise, the legal jurisdiction.

Terms of business of THE COMPARATOR B2B


Then, We detail all the terms that apply, ELCOMPARADOR-B2B, to process your travel requirements.   You should study them carefully.   Also You should be aware that there are three different categories of terms of business.   The first is the Agency Terms detailed at then the second the General Terms (you can consult online in our website and the third is the Booking Conditions of the Travel Providers (each reservation has its Conditions).   Booking conditions are the terms of each individual provider.

Terms of the agency


Guarantees provide all the necessary information in relation to your products, facilitate your best operating procedures and system management reservation to guarantee a better quality of service.

- Processing in real time.

- Help line available 24/7.

•Conditions of reservation:

For each reservation that you confirm on our website, you will be asked to accept the conditions required by the travel-related service provider, including but not limited to tour operators, airlines, travel providers lodging, transfer providers, amusement parks and bus lines cruise ships.

• Upon completing your book on our website, accept our Agency Terms, the General Terms and Conditions of the service provider.

• Can decide make one or more reservations with us at the same time.   Please note that regardless of the various products you reserve, for example, a flight reservation or a hotel reservation, each reservation is a separate reservation and Your reservations, although they may be linked to the same travel dates, do not make up a package .

• With the purpose of offer you the best possible choice and value, you can be offered the choice of select an inbound flight from a different flight provider than the one you provides the outbound flight or vice versa (flight reservations " Mix and Match ").

Each flight stage is reserved as one separate booking with the Travel Provider and is subject to these Terms of the Agency and the Booking Conditions of the Travel Provider correspondent.Ø

• Choosing the search path through the website has no impact on the availability or price of the product.

• Your reservation is not confirm until you receive a booking confirmation.

For flights, you can see that for the entire GDS content, the process is semi-automatic.Ø  While for LCC is your instant reservation.

• give the Reservations are purchased individually at your own individual price.   The price charged in total for several reservations will always be equal to the simple sum of the prices charged for each individual reservation.  
It must also be taken into account that we must always notify our providers in advance on reservations made for more than (05 rooms).   This will reflect hotel policy.

• ELCOMPARATOR-B2B is not a tour operator.   This means that we do not organize or create travel product combinations;   we simply facilitate your connection to who provide or organize travel products (either alone or in combination) such as airlines, hoteliers, car rental companies, tour operators, etc. Basically, we are an advanced search engine to through which you can compare different offers from most of the travel providers;   and reserve to your customers any product that have decided;   based on the lowest price found by our intuitive system.

•Besides General Terms that follow immediately, after them there are terms particular that apply to very specific types of travel arrangements that you can book through us.

General terms of business

1. Prices plus guaranteed bass

The b2b comparator promises you the absolutely lowest prices available, each and every times.   To be comparable, we must be able to confirm that the price of the competition is based on the same flight or accommodation, for the same dates and table class and in the same currency as ELCOMPARADOR-B2B

Obviously has than to be an accurate match;   for example, multiple companies now operate both a charter airline and a no-frills airline and not we can match prices from one to the other.

Our systems Advanced IT systems are all live and priced across the wide range of products moves every second.   We promise you the best price when make the reservation ... It's not that an airline (or other provider) doesn't get cheap a week later!

2. Details of the reservation

If you book in line, it is your responsibility to ensure that the reservation details are enter correctly.   Check that all names, dates and times are correct upon receipt of all documents and notify us of any errors within two days after receipt of your documents by putting Contact our Customer Service department.   Please note that we will not accept any responsibility for incorrect information if we are not informed within this period.   Any changes to these details will incur the amendment fees listed below in addition to the fees charged by the Travel Provider.   Make sure the names that your clients give you match those of the corresponding passport.

The information of reservation you provide to us will be passed on to travel providers only relevant travel arrangements or other persons necessary for the provision of travel arrangements.   Card verification is a charge that is made on selected flight reservations to validate the card payment provided before the card is used to complete your reservation with the Travel provider.

Ease of payment  
Multiple payment options  
Different credit card charges in multiple currencies  
Flexible payment terms

Payments accepted with credit card online

You can use your credit card to pay for your reservation when confirmed in;


You can also choose for a line of credi.

At that time it will ask you to pay the balance in full before the balance's due date that you will be notified.   If full payment is not received by the due date expiration of the balance, this situation may cause a cancellation process automatic for your reservation.

3A - All Bookings

It is important that Please understand that payment at the time of booking does not mean that your reservation is confirmed.   Your reservation is only confirmed when we send you our booking confirmation email.   Because we are making live reservations with the travel providers, we must be assured that we have the appropriate payment from you and therefore your initial payment to us is your authorization for us to confirm your reservation with the travel provider.   If unexpectedly, in the short time elapsed between your payment and us to confirm your reservation with the travel provider, the travel product is not available and we cannot obtain an alternative acceptable to you, you will receive a full refund of the money you have paid for that product.

3. insurance

Many providers travel require you to take out travel insurance as a condition for book with them, as detailed in their Booking Conditions.   In In any case, we strongly recommend that you take out an insurance policy insurance to cover you and your part against the cost of the cancellation;   the cost of assistance (including repatriation) in case accident or illness;   loss of luggage and money;   and others expenses.   If you have organized your policy through us, review it carefully to make sure all the details are correct and you have provided all relevant information (for example, conditions pre-existing medical conditions).   Lack of disclosure of relevant information will affect your insurance.

4. Transfers

Our Transfer providers can provide a 'taxi' transfer with a taxi, a public transporter or a minibus type vehicle.   If you have any specific requirement that may result from this, let us know at least 48 hours before departure.   Please note that ferries do not can make drops in private addresses (including villas) or in property management companies, or in hotels where driveways access are inaccessible to coaches.   When the bus cannot stopping directly outside the hotel due to accessibility issues, delivery will be made as close to the hotel as possible.   Please note that There may be a wait for your transportation at the airport as you run to a schedule.

Some of our Hosting providers negotiate their low rates on the basis that the Residents of the country where the hotel stay is made are not eligible to stay at that rate.   In most cases this does not apply to residents of EU countries who are in other EU countries EU. The problems seem to occur mainly, when the holders of Non-EU passports are reserved for staying in the country where the passport was issued.   For example, Turkish citizens in Turkey, or Egyptian citizens in Egypt.   If you think this may affect your booking, ask our Customer Service team to confirm that your reservation will be accepted by the hotel, since the resolution once it is in the foreigner will be very difficult and may generate additional charges or cancellation of the reserve.   From time to time, hosting providers may request that we contact you prior to your departure date to request the nationalities of the traveling parties.   It is important that contact our Customer Service team in this case with this information to confirm that the rates are eligible for the parties that they travel.

5. Alterations by part of your travel provider

6.1 Flights

It can be necessary reconfirm your flight with the airline.   Check this on the correspondence received from your Travel Provider, including the Conditions Travel Provider reservation number.   You should take note of any number of reference or contact name when reconfirming.   If you do not reconfirm, permission to board the plane may be denied and it is unlikely that receive no refund.

6.2 accommodation

Sometimes his hosting provider may need to make a change.   If you have already booked, we will inform you as soon as we can, if there is time before your departure.

In the little case your hosting provider will likely have to make a change important or alteration in your reservation, you will be offered the option to accept the change or cancel the reservation and receive a full refund of all money paid to us in connection with the accommodation. reservation.

Change important would include a hotel change due to hotel closure or excess reservation;   a pricing error   This list is not exhaustive and may there are other examples of a major change.

6.3 General

We do not accept no responsibility for expenses or costs incurred by you as result of the change and we do not accept responsibility for changes or cancellations that are due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances outside of our control.   These may include war or threat of war, riots, civil conflicts, terrorist activities, natural or nuclear disasters, fires, adverse weather conditions, government actions or accommodation that is no longer available.   All reservations made, even if organized at the same time, they are separate reserves and independent.   When your Travel Provider initiates a change or cancellation of a reservation, your ability to cancel or change any other reservation will not will be affected.   For example, if your accommodation reservation is modified or canceled by your travel provider,

6.4 Complaints

We pride ourselves to offer the highest level of customer service, but if you have any dissatisfaction with your travel arrangements, you should report it immediately to the relevant travel provider or your provider or agent local.

Please get on in contact with our customer service team who will try help you.   If you don't follow this procedure, there will be fewer opportunities to investigate and rectify your complaint.   The amount of compensation to which may be entitled, may be reduced or may not receive any at all depending on the circumstances. ..

7. Limitation of responsibility

To avoid doubts, your reservation is directly with the travel provider.   The comparator-B2B does not will be responsible for any act or omission on the part of any person not employed directly or under our immediate control and, although we have chosen to our Travel Providers carefully, we have no control over our Travel Suppliers and therefore we cannot be held responsible for any action or omission of our Travel Providers or their servants, agents or employees.   Furthermore, we are not responsible for any loss, damage or expense incurred or suffered resulting from strike, shock civil, fire, flood, war, threat of war, terrorist activity, national or nuclear disaster, late delivery, adverse weather conditions any act of God and / or any other event that is beyond our control reasonable.   Under no circumstances will we be liable for any economic loss,   loss of earnings, loss of income, loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation, loss of savings anticipated that arise from the failure or delay in the provision of services under these terms of business or otherwise in connection with these terms business;   or for any indirect, special or indirect loss or damage consequent (however it arises).

In all cases, the absolute global maximum responsibility of THE COMPARATOR-B2B by virtue of these terms of operation (whichever arises) will be limited to the total price paid by the client for specific reservations related to a claim determined.   Nothing in these terms of business shall limit or exclude the liability of THE B2B COMPARATOR for death or personal injury resulting of your negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or of any other liability that cannot be excluded by law.

8. Cancellation, amendment and other service charges

9. Jurisdiction

Your contract with ELCOMPARADOR B2B will be governed by Spanish law and any dispute related will be treated in the courts of the Kingdom of Spain.

10. Protection against credit card fraud

To ensure that your credit, debit or charge card is not being used without your consent, we will validate the name, address and other personal information that you have provided during the order process against the bases of appropriate third party data.   By accepting these terms and conditions, agrees to carry out such controls.   By performing these controls, the Personal information provided by you may be disclosed to an Agency for Registered Credit Reference that can keep a record of that information.   Rest assured this is done only to confirm your identity, that no credit check is done, and that your score credit will not be affected.   All information provided by you will be treated safely and strictly.

10.1 Cancellation

Charges for cancellation of accommodation:

The terms of Cancellation are those detailed in the Booking Conditions of the travels.

For tickets attractions where tickets or coupons were issued, no refund until tickets or coupons have been returned to us intact and without damage.   For other products, the Travel Provider may collect the fee cancellation that is shown in your Booking Conditions.


10.2 Amendments

Providers of trips may apply a charge, in case they do, we will notify you the charge to be settled prior to processing a request for modification.   Consult the service provider's conditions for each product you reserve.

11. Reserves of accommodation

13.1 Payment of the reservation

1. Discount no refundable: rates are only offered as 100% payable on booking / not refundable and non-modifiable

2. We will upload your payment card for the amount owed before your stay. The payment pattern applicable to your reservation will be clearly displayed prior to booking.   If not no payment is received before or after the due date, we We reserve the right to treat the reservation as canceled by you, which results in the triggering of applicable cancellation charges as detailed above.   To avoid any doubt, the expenses of cancellation are totally independent of the deposit agreements in any reservation.

13.2 Confirmation backup

We will send you a reservation confirmation immediately by automatic email.

13.3 Discounts for children

Any discount It is generally based on children sharing with two paying adults complete.   The displayed cost estimate will automatically notify you if discounts apply to the property you have chosen.   Hotel normally will ask for the ages of the children.   Both in hotels and apartments, room or board supplements are paid at the adult rate.

13.4 Duration

Most of the accommodations are available nightly, although some accommodations require a minimum stay of 3 or even 7 nights.   Our websites will identify these properties once a search has been performed and will highlight this information if deemed necessary.

13.5 Petitions specials

Although we will try pass any reasonable requests to our Travel Providers, not we can guarantee that the request will be satisfied.

13.6 What is included in the price?   The prices of hotels and apartments that are displayed on our websites are displayed based on the information that you provide, including all taxes, service charges and Meal arrangements specified below.   Not included local resort fees, or crib fees, which are occasionally charged directly by the hotel, details of which can be obtained before departure Under petition.

• RO - Alone room - no meals

• SC - Self-service: no meals, but cooking facilities are provided

• BB - accommodation and breakfast - continental breakfast

• HB - Half pension - continental breakfast and dinner

• FB - Pension full - continental breakfast, lunch and dinner

• AI:everything included: continental breakfast, lunch, dinner and local brand drinks and refreshments *

* The hotels can have different levels of " All inclusive ": see the description that appears in the chosen accommodation.

13.6 meals of gala

Meals are offered gala in many hotels at Christmas and New Year, and payment for them is usually be mandatory.   When you make your reservation with us, the cost of any compulsory gala meal is NOT included in the price, unless this is specifically confirmed when booking.

13.7 star ratings

The qualifications by stars are used to symbolize the overall quality and level of standards of each type of accommodation.   Star ratings are based on criteria including the range of standard installations, the quality of furniture, quality and scope of food outlets, and the overall level of service.   Ranging from 1 star, where can you expect a simple accommodation with limited facilities, up to 5 accommodation stars that probably have a full range of facilities of the most high standards.   There is no uniform and consistent method of star rating and as such can vary significantly by country and often within countries.   Also, not all countries have rating systems.   As an agent we take the rating average of all sources we have for the property.

13.8 Accommodation in abroad

The accommodations in foreigners are usually subject to a tourist tax to be paid locally.   Entry / exit times vary by property, but as a general rule, use this guide:

• Check in: 15:00

• Departure: 11 a.m.

The rooms can be saved later, to be agreed with the property directly, by an extra charge.






* EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL: Company registered in Guadalajara. Not.: 6U-9706 Folio 162 Volume 597, with Tax Identification Code (VAT): B19309905 (NIF)

Commercial Adress: Camino Valderribas 93C primero A, 28038 Madrid






2.1. These conditions regulate access to contents and all services provided by EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL through of its " Website ", as well as the use of the same by the users. However, EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL reserves the right to modify the presentation, configuration and content of the " Website " ;, as well as the conditions required for its access and / or use. He access and use of the contents and services after the entry into force of its modifications or changes in the conditions imply the acceptance of the same.


2.2.Without prejudice to the foregoing, access to certain contents and the use of certain services can be found subject to certain particular conditions, which, depending on the case, will replace, complete and / or modify these conditions of use and, in In case of contradiction, the terms of the conditions will prevail particular about the general conditions.

Before using, reserve and / or contract specific services offered by THE COMPARATOR B2B, SL, the user should read carefully the particular conditions created, where appropriate and for this purpose by EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL. The use, reservation and / or contracting of said specific products or services, implies acceptance of the conditions individuals that regulate them in the version published by EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL at the time of such use, reservation and / or contracting.


2.3. The access, navigation and use of the " Website " implies and supposes the acceptance by the user of this Legal Notice and the Conditions of Use that includes. In this sense, user will be understood as the person who accesses, browses, uses or participates in the services and activities, free or onerous, developed on the " Website".




3.1.Access to content and use of services provided by the " Website " is free of charge, Although some of the services and contents offered by THE COMPARATOR B2B, SL to third parties through the " Website " could be subject to your prior hiring and payment of an amount, which will be specified in your own contracting conditions.


3.2.Access to the " Website " is prohibited. by part of minors, unless they have prior authorization and express of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be considered responsible for the acts carried out by minors under their charge, in accordance with current regulations. In any case, it will be presumed that the access made by a minor to the " Website " has been made with prior and express authorization of their parents, guardians or legal representatives.


3.3. Access and navigation through the " Website " does not require registration, however, to access the reservation and / or contracting of certain products and / or services may require prior registration of this " Website " through user selection of identifier and password.

The password, personal and non-transferable, must be generated by the user according to the rules of robustness and complexity that are established at all times by THE COMPARATOR B2B, SL. The password created by the user will have a temporary validity unlimited.

If the user selects a password that does not meet the minimum requirements according to the policy of passwords approved and in force in EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL the user will be notified of this breach and the conditions that must be met said password for effective validity upon registration of the interested party in the User Registration of EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL, however, the " Site Web " has the necessary functionalities so that the user can change your password when you see fit, for example because suspect or constant that the breach of the confidentiality of the password.


3.4. The password is personal and not transferable. He User agrees to make diligent use of his password and keep it in secret, not transmitting it to any third party and not to EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL. Consequently, users are responsible for the proper custody and confidentiality of any identifiers and / or passwords that have selected as registered users of EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL, and undertake not to assign their use to third parties, whether temporary or permanent, or allow access to outsiders. It wil.


Under the above, It is the user's obligation to immediately notify the managers of the " Website " about any fact that allows the misuse of identifiers and / or passwords, such as theft, loss, or access not authorized to them, in order to proceed to their immediate cancellation. As long as such facts are not communicated, EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL will be exempt of any liability that may arise from the improper use of the identifiers or passwords by unauthorized third parties.




The present " Site Web " is governed by Spanish laws and by national legislation and international on intellectual and industrial property. In no case will understand that the access and navigation of the user through the " Website " or the use, acquisition and / or contracting of products or services offered through the " Website " ;, implies a waiver, transmission, license or total or partial transfer of said rights by EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL - The user has a strictly right to use private, exclusively for the purpose of enjoying the benefits of the service in accordance with these General Conditions.

References to names and trademarks or registered trademarks, logos or other distinctive signs, already are owned by EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL or third parties, implicitly carry the prohibition on its use without the consent of EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL or their rightful owners. At no time, except expressly stated, the access or use of the " Website " and / or its contents and / or services, gives the user any right over the brands, logos and / or signs distinctive in it included protected by Law. All the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights over the contents and / or services and, in particular, it is prohibited to modify, copy, reproduce, communicate publicly, transform or distribute in any way all or part of the contents and / or service included in the " Website " ;, for public or commercial purposes, if you do not have prior authorization, express and in writing of THE COMPARATOR B2B, SL or, where appropriate, the owner of the corresponding rights.




The user agrees to use the " Website " in accordance with the law and the these General Conditions. The User also undertakes to refrain from use the " Website " for illegal purposes or effects or contrary to what is established in the General Conditions. By using the services, the User declares his agreement with these General Conditions, undertaking not to transmit, disseminate or make available to third parties through the services provided by EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL any class of material that in any way contravenes current legislation.




6.1 . In the event that the User sends information of any type to EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL through the " Website " ;, through the channels provided for this purpose on the " Website ", the user declares, guarantees and accepts that you have the right to do so freely, that said information does not infringe any intellectual property, trademark, or patent, trade secret, or any other third party right, which said information is not confidential and that such information is not harmful to third parties.


6.2. The User acknowledges assuming responsibility and will leave harmless to EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL for any communication provided personally or in your name, reaching said responsibility without restriction the accuracy, legality, originality and ownership of the same.




EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL cannot guarantee the reliability, usefulness or veracity of the services or information provided provided through the " Website ", nor through the utility or veracity of the documentation of the events that can be acquired through of the " Website ", prepared by professionals from very diverse sectors. Consequently, EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL does not guarantee or responsible for: (1) continuity of the contents of the " Website "; (2) the absence of errors in said content or products; (3) the absence of viruses and / or others harmful components on the " Website " or on the server that supplies; (4) invulnerability of the " Website " and / or the impregnability of security measures that are adopted in the same; (5) la lack of usefulness or performance of the contents and products of the " Site Web "; (6) damage or damages caused, to himself or to a third party, by any person violates the conditions, rules and instructions that EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL states on the "Website" or through the violation of security systems of the " Website ". However, EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures, within of its possibilities and of the state of technology, to guarantee the operation of the " Website " and avoid the existence and transmission of viruses and other components harmful to Users. If the User had knowledge of the existence of any content contrary to the laws or that could be an infringement of intellectual property rights and / or industrial, you must immediately notify EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL so that the latter may proceed to adopt the appropriate measures.


VIII) Links.


8.1 Links to other web pages.

In the event that in the " Website " the user could find links to other web pages through different buttons, links, banners, etc., these would be managed by third parties. EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL does not have faculty or human or technical means to know, control or approve all the information, content, products or services provided by other sites Web to which links can be established from the & quot; Website".

Consequently, EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL You will not be able to assume any type of responsibility for any aspect related to the Web page to which a link could be established from the " Site Web ", specifically, by way of example and not limited to, about its operation, access, data, information, files, quality and reliability of your products and services, your own links and / or any of your contents, in general.

In this sense, if the Users had effective knowledge of the illegality of activities developed through these third-party web pages, they must communicate it immediately to EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL for the purpose of proceeding to disable the link to access it. The establishment of any type of link from the " Website " to another " Website " someone else will not imply that there is any kind of relationship, collaboration or dependence between EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL and the person in charge of the " Site Web " alien.


8.2 Links on other web pages to the " WebSite".

If any User, entity or " Website " would like to establish some kind of link with destination to the " Website " must adhere to the following stipulations: The link can only be directed to the Main Page or Home of the " Website ", unless expressly authorized in writing by EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL.

The link must be absolute and complete, that is, it must take the user, by means of a click, to the own URL of the " Website " and should fully encompass the entire length of the screen of the Main Page of the " Site Web ". In no case, unless EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL authorizes it expressly and in writing, the " Website " who makes the link may reproduce, in any way, the " Website ", include it as part of your website or within one of your " frames " or create a " browser " on any of the pages of the " Website ". On the page that establishes the link, it cannot be declared in any way that EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL has authorized such link, unless EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL has done so expressly and in writing. If the entity that makes the link from your page to the " Website " you would correctly want to include in your website the brand, denomination, trade name, label, logo, slogan or any other type of identifying element of EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL and / or the " Web Site ", must have previously your express authorization and written.

EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL does not authorizes the establishment of a link to the " Website " since those web pages that contain materials, information or content illicit, illegal, degrading, obscene, and in general, that contravene the morality, public order or generally accepted social norms.

EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL has no power or human and technical means to know, control or approve all the information, content, products or services provided by other websites that have established links to the " Website ". EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL does not assume any type of responsibility for any aspect related to the " Website " than establishes that link to the " Website ", specifically, to An informative and non-exhaustive title, on its operation, access, data, information, files, quality and reliability of its products and services, its own links and / or any of their content, in general.




Privacy Policy of EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL is determined by the provisions of the document DATA PROTECTION POLICY.




10.1. THE B2B COMPARATOR, SL may modify the terms and conditions stipulated here, total or partially posting any changes in the same form as this Legal notice or through any type of communication directed to users.


10.2. The temporary validity of this Legal Notice coincides, therefore Therefore, with the time of their exposure, until they are modified totally or partially, at which time the Legal Notice will take effect modified.


10.3. Regardless of the provisions of the conditions individuals, EL COMPARADOR B2B, SL may terminate, suspend or interrupt at any time without prior notice, access to the contents of the page, with no possibility for the User to demand any compensation.